‘Chinese Virus’: A celebration of Chinese culture beyond Covid-19

After hearing Trump’s offensive claim that the Coronavirus was the ‘Chinese virus’ and the sticky diplomatic mess that followed, I decided I was long due a visit to Liverpool’s Chinatown. {I just want to make it crystal clear that the only reason I used this phrasing for the title was for ironic comedic effect – I have a deep respect for the Chinese community, particularly in Liverpool.} Home to the oldest Chinese community in Europe, it stands out as a strong culturally rich part of the city for sure! When I was a child I used to attend Chinese New Year celebrations there every year, sitting in awe – half terrified, half fascinated – watching the animated dragon and firecrackers. The chinatown I knew as a child is far from what it is now. Unfortunately, the ornate paifang – being the largest of its kind outside Europe – is one of the only parts on the street which still holds the beauty of what the street used to be as most of the restaurants now sit shut-down or gentrified. However, the amazing fusion of China still stands in it’s past glory, withstanding the damage of the reputation flung on it through the virus. I am disappointed and frankly appalled at anyone who can dismiss such an incredibly rich culture simply because a virus originated there. This opinion is ignorant and racist.

These images are a celebration of China beyond Coronavirus.

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