I am analogue.

This project explores the capability of digital art to create uncanny visions of the anthropomorphising of technology through the development of artificial intelligence (AI). Referencing the past, present and future of AI, this project subverts its function and blurs the line separating computer from man.

As you might have seen in my project ‘The Atomic Priesthood’, I’m very interested in using web design and NetArt as a platform for my concepts. In this past semester, I took this a step further and started experimenting with chatbot tech and other whacky tech-savvy things! Here are the results.

ABOVE: ‘I am analog’ 2020
Size: N/A
Media/process: Chatbots on wesbite(html code)

Link: http://i-am-analog.co.uk/

‘We don’t exist’ 2020
Size: 4 x A4
Media/process: Graphite pencil portrait drawing

These are 4 drawings of people that don’t actually exist. I drew them from images found on the generative adversarial network (GAN), https://www.thispersondoesnotexist.com/. As a human drawing another human created by a computer, I wanted to highlight the uncanny meta-narrative which arises in the drawing process. The intimacy that comes with an artist-subject relationship is absent.

I predict viewers will find similarities between the portraits of these fabricated people and someone they know. I used the traditional mode of ‘realistic’ drawing as it’s the most predictable format of representation in the art world. Just as the computer constructed these faces using an algorithm, I used a set of visual rules concerning proportions, line and light/shadows.

‘I am Anna-Rose’ 2020
Size: N/A
Media/process: HTML code for webcam clone Link: file:///Users/anna-rosewain/Documents/ GitHub/zoombot/index.html (I’m not sure if you view this remotely but you can try.)

This piece is an unconventional form of digital art. I created an online clone of myself which responds to AI voice recognition. The interactive nature of the piece makes the participants aware of the so-called black mirror that lies between them and the ‘person’ they’re talking to on the webcam.

Covid-19 has pushed us further into existing on the worldwide web and I wanted to offer a humorous critique of this emerging webchat culture. Could I fool others that this was me? This presents the viewer with questions of identity. As we move forward will it be possible to eternalise ourselves in a digital format?

Here is a sample video of it working: https://www.youtube.com/ watch?v=yAE7Zw0nLew&t=23s

Part 2 of this Semester’s project can be found under ‘Digital Consciousness‘ on the ‘My Portfolio‘ page.

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