I’m Anna-Rose – I’m an artist and writer exploring the creative chaos around me.

The reason why I began this blog was as a way for me to share my appreciation of the work of others with fellow creatives (although I’ve cheekily provided some material of my own, as I feel it helps to understand the artistic context I’m coming from in my writing).

As a Fine Art student I felt I needed a space to write in depth about the topics I wanted to do deeper research into, hence ‘Organised Chaos’ became my platform. I hope you enjoy exploring with me!


Postdigital Aesthetics.

Over the past year, my artistic practise has grown increasingly concerned with the place of digital media within the art world. With the rise of AI and an increasingly automated way of living, my work questions the place technology has in society by examining consciousness through 1s and 0s.


Aa you’ll see in my writing, philosophy forms a framework through which I view everything. This way of thinking informs my work as well as my thoughts and concepts.


As an individual, I feel very strongly about the role art has to play in activating change in all areas of society. Through changing individual perspectives, the art world can mobilise people to create real change as well as being the change within itself.


Being an artist, one has to be aware of the way your art meets the world. Participation and engagement are things I pay close attention to in the production of my pieces. The participation and movement of the audience with my work is an essential element in my practice.


Let’s make something together.

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